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Our Riad in Tighza Telouet offers you a pleasant setting for a one night stopover before continuing your journey or for a stay of several days

=Mohamed Bouchahoud welcomes you=

Welcome to Riad Bouchahoud in the heart of Tighza, Telouet - a place where the rugged mountains meet the warm hospitality of Moroccan culture. Our riad is the perfect base for exploring the rich history and traditions of this stunning region. We offer a truly unique experience for travelers who seek to immerse themselves in the authentic Moroccan way of life. Our riad is nestled in the heart of a vibrant local community, where you can experience the warmth and hospitality of the Berber people. Our friendly staff are on hand to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable and unforgettable.

In addition to the breathtaking scenery and fascinating local traditions, guests at Riad Bouchahoud can enjoy a taste of the delicious and healthy traditional Moroccan breakfast, made with locally-sourced ingredients and prepared fresh each day.If you are looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience in Morocco, come and stay with us at Riad Bouchahoud. Our riad is the perfect base for exploring the stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage of the High Atlas Mountains. Book your stay today and discover the warmth and hospitality of Moroccan mountain culture for yourself! 

Escape to a world of tranquility and beauty in the heart of the Atlas Mountains

Tighza, situated in the Telouet region of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco, is a small village renowned for its stunning natural beauty, traditional architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Despite its remote location, Tighza has a vibrant community with hospitable locals who uphold unique traditions, including music, dance, and cuisine. Visitors can participate in local festivals and events, savor traditional dishes like tagine and couscous, and learn about the region's history and culture.

Our experienced owner, a 30-year mountain guide, and staff are well-versed in providing a comfortable stay with complete amenities at Tighza, which offers a remarkable opportunity to explore the history, culture, and natural beauty of the High Atlas Mountains, whether you are interested in hiking, history, or simply enjoying the local atmosphere.

To show respect for the local culture, we request that alcohol consumption be limited to your room or the terrace.

Happy exploring! 

Riad Bouchahoud - Tighza is a guest house located in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco

Phone: 212 6 66 16 34 88

E-mail: contact@riad-bouchahoud.com


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